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Wills & Trusts

Plan ahead to protect the ones you love most. Estate planning is a powerful, versatile tool that allows generations to protect and help each other through life's challenges. Let us guide you through the important factors to consider as you create your plan.

Estate planning usually involves one or two of the following strategies:

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Will Estate plan

$175 for a Single Person.

$300 for a Couple.

A Will Estate Plan is the best choice for many families. Wills are affordable and can even create trusts later on, if necessary.  A couple will need one will for each spouse. 

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Revocable living trust estate plan

$900 for Trust, Pour Over Wills, and Deed

Revocable Living Trust Estate Plans are powerful tools that can save certain clients a great deal of money over time. Trusts are easier, faster, and more private to administer than wills. However, these plans are not for everyone and do not escape state inheritance taxes. As a result, we only recommend these kinds of estate plans when they are a perfect fit for your needs. 

Davis Estates and Trusts take pride in offering incredible value for their Revocable Living Trust estate plans - especially as other firms routinely charge thousands of dollars for the same services. 

Irrevocable Living Trust estate plan

$200 per hour

Irrevocable Living Trusts can be very effective at protecting assets from creditors of the creators or beneficiaries of the trust. They can also be used where clients have a second marriage and each client wants to ensure that their own biological children receive their fair share of the inheritance - regardless of which spouse passes away first.

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